Sunday, 22 December 2013


Now that we have both Carl & McLean (collectively known to the world as Zacht Automaat) in the same province for a short period, it seems like as good a time as any to both ring in the new year and officially celebrate their fantastic wax debut. A show is in order, and a show is to be delivered...

The wonderful Doc Dunn will accompany Coca-Cola (that cosmic duo comprised S. Twig and M. Remy - otherwise known as the muscle behind Calico Corporation) in a compliment towards the out-of-body experience the mighty ZA will surely bestow upon us.

We will have records, music, perhaps some candy - and most certainly fun. See you there Torontonians (and Japanese collectors who surely must be flying in specifically for this majestic event)!

'This collection is a bag of magic borrowed from the enchanted hands of a band that evades hyperbole. Veterans of the interstellar scene, Carl Didur and Michael McLean have parsed the cryptex of popular music and entered into a new dialogue as Zacht Automaat. Adopting new methods and strategies, they have sewn together opposing forces before pulling them apart again to see all the pieces in a different perspective.' - Weird Canada

'Their work encompasses intermission music for hockey arenas on Saturn (“Don’t Worry It’ll Be Future”), acidic psych-jazz splatter (“A Trip to See McLean on Holidays Pts. I, II & III”), and the most blissfully epic, otherworldly tribute to a Steeltown suburb ever (“Ancaster Heights”). In every instance, Zacht Automaat’s dizzying instrumentals emphasize the joyful, inclusive qualities of free experimentiation without teetering into indulgence, and the anarchic thrill of colouring outside the lines while still paying respect to those who laid down the rules.' - The Grid

'Next up, please check out the superb I CAN FEEL THE MOLD IN ME from Canadian duo Zacht Automaat, which brews up some well-stewed W. Coast Sandozian freakout, plenny of nightmarish J. Meek and channels some tremendously mucky sub-‘Ultima Thule’ T. Dream motorik clatter, and all o’this via found sounds, berserk organ’drum duels and peak periods of Bavarian Knees-up. Imagine Holger Czukay and Uwe Nettlebeck constructing a mash-up LP from early German jazz, TV themes and Soft Machine out-takes and yooz close to hitting these druids’ pleasure centres, who (I must add) never outstay their welcome, each sonic foray involving audacious opening moments then fucking off right quick like. It’s a canny approach that leaves listeners still requiring more more more.' - Julian Cope

'This shit is the best.' - Me


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